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Sunday, 20 April 2014

2 weeks...

.. Until my holiday in Dubai with Carmel. I'm nervous but excited! I'll be there 5th-12th may

Saturday, 19 April 2014

You know you're maturing...

...when you happily spend Saturday in your Audrey Hepburn apron, preparing tomorrow's dinner and you utter this sentence...

"Don't throw that old top away. I'll cut it up and then we can use it as dusters"

Easter Break

I hope you are all having a pleasant Easter break? I am back in Blighty and been enjoying some time off. I had a friend come to stay and we did a bit of sightseeing around beautiful London. It was nice to do this as I am giving up my flat and moving abroad properly in June; rather splitting my time as I am now. London is lovely in the sunshine. I felt a little emotional actually.

We visited the usual tourist spots; London Bridge, Tower of London, we enjoyed a beer (well, cider for me- I am originally from the Westcountry after all!) by the canal in busy Camden Town. My friend took lots of photos of Big Ben, we walked the dogs through St James' Gardens, walked to Buckingham Palace and went to Madame Tussauds. I've not visited it since I came to London on a school trip at the age of 11 or 12. Obviously times have changed and so have the waxworks.  I still have photos of the young ginger me stood  next to Mr T, Michael Jackson (who was alive and black back then) and one where I'm sat next on a garden bench with one Jimmy Savile (who, thank heavens, didn't 'fix it for me').

Today, however, I didn't see Mr T, Michael Jackson was white and I had my photo taken at the 'Oval Office' next to a rather handsome Barack Obama. That guy makes a handsome waxwork I tell you! It goes without saying there was no Jimmy Savile. There was however, a rather lonely looking Putin, who everyone walked past and ignored. No one seemed to want their photo taken next to him for some reason!

All in all its been a lovely week but enough slacking for me, I shall be back in the saddle from Monday onwards. I'm also day 4 into 21 day sugar detox (yes, over Easter!) so please, do not bring any wine or chocolates for me. Normally much appreciated, but I'd rather not have the temptation!

I'm going to spend my Sunday packing boxes (probably watching films and telling myself to start packing) as my parents are on a cruise and quite frankly, I'm happy to avoid any situation that involves food and celebrations.

I shall end with this: I am not a Christian but I like to think of all the good things Jesus, (be he Son of God, a Yogi, a prophet or just a darn good story teller) preached. Love, kindness, forgiveness, charity and being nice to prostitutes. These are all lessons we should all, despite our beliefs, try to remember and adhere to. So whatever your faith, happy spring time celebration to you all.

With lots of love,


Thursday, 10 April 2014

Scatter Brain

I have left my diary and work phone abroad (agggh) so today I'm going back for a couple of days to sort this and some other stuff out. I am now available all next week instead. I have updated my calendar on my website. Please email me with any enquiries x

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Forgive me..

If this latest entry is full of typos/spelling mistakes and makes little sense. It was written this moring in a state of enjoyment and to re-read it over and over again somewhat spoils that enjoyment for me. So I shall post it how it is and hope you will not think me a complete ignoramus! As it is.. these blogs take a long time to write and even longer to go through and check, as I type at such speed..  the words come tumbling out of my head. I hope you still enjoy it, my head is a little fuzzy x

Wicked Girl

They say a leopard can’t change its spots and I’m beginning to think that neither can I.  You may have guessed that my recent move abroad was part of my plan to ‘integrate into decent society’, to become a ‘normal’ person and to start thinking about my future. In other words, to become a good, well behaved  young woman who would soon be ready to leave Verity behind.
I tried very hard and at first all went well.  I even went to Catholic Church for Heaven’s sake (only to meet people but even so..) and as I sat in the congregation wearing my smart blue dress  I desperately tried to supress the naughty thoughts that slipped into my mind and tried to avoid the eye of someone in the congregation who had ‘client’ written all over him.  I’ve taken up tennis lessons; I’m struggling to learn a new language. I already befriended a few people in the village and I think I’ve made a pretty good impression. I got involved in a local community project and tried not to imagine myself screwing the mayor during his speech at the opening. It has been a struggle but I managed to maintain this facade until Saturday night. I’m ashamed to say that I managed to last a mere 6 days of before naughty Verity reared her head…
Probably thinking that it isn’t normal or healthy for a girl my age only have friends only over the age of 60; my landlady put me in touch with her niece and I was promptly  invited over on Saturday night for a few drinks with a few  friends.

Saturday night. 8pm

I stepped off the bus and knew I was in trouble. I was met by the niece’s boyfriend ( I haven’t seen any other redheads around so I’m not exactly hard to spot).He called my name and I was taken aback. People in this part of the world are known to be attractive but oh my... he was utterly gorgeous. Telling myself not to flirt I tried to be friendly whilst trying desperately not to think about just how damn sexy he was.  I could sense a connection. You know that initial spark you sometimes get with people? It was intense.
We went to the apartment and I was introduced to a small number of people, who turned out to be most warm and welcoming. The most friendly, complimentary and welcoming of all was my landlady’s niece. Tall, dark and extremely pretty I was a bit shy. Filling my wine glass up frequently- as we became tipsy the flattery increased. I was surprised; she seemed to really like me. Oh, the ego is a foolish and vain!

“You are so beautiful ”

 she said to me again and again

“You have such a lovely figure, I am so jealous of your breasts.”

Please do not judge me dear reader, but when faced with such flattery by one so beautiful… and being alone in a new country and having no friends.. ok, ok I make excuses. Truth is, I was loving it. I felt sexy. I had a feeling this was just the beginning.
I think I was aware of their intentions quite early on. It later transpired that after adding me on ‘Facebook’ earlier  in the week, the niece had shown the boyfriend pictures of me and I’m quite certain that he had already made up his mind he would conquer me even before I stepped off the bus that night. Despite the fact I didn’t know exactly what they whispered to one another, as you know better than anyone, I am no innocent and I’ve seen that predatory look a hundred times! 

In my now drunken mind, all I had to do was to stand back and allow them to think they would corrupt me. I genuinely believe they had no idea just how bad I already was and how I had already sussed out their intentions! But to let on or to take over would have reduced their enjoyment. Playing a role and playing it well really adds to the experience. 

How we ended up at her boyfriend’s house I do not remember. He is a musician and is rather smooth and charming.  He invited me to sit with him at the piano so he could teach me. The chemistry between us was intense. His strong leg was pressed up against mine and I did not move away. 

The niece, so young and beautiful, put her arms around my shoulders and her face was against mine.  It was only a matter of time. After we had danced this dance (no-one ever gets straight to it do they?!) we all ended up in bed under the guise of ‘getting some sleep’; whilst being told repeatedly that I was safe and nothing would happen. Which of course was just the opposite- for I was not safe!

I continued playing the part of the innocent; the niece the protector and the boyfriend as the hungry wolf waiting for his chance to come on stage. Eventually of course it began (I threw in a few “No, no this is wrong” for good measures). And we all kissed and hands groped she whispered to me

 “He wants to fuck you, he wants to fuck you”

Well, it would have been rude not to and to be honest, by this point, I was so aroused I don’t think I could have said no even if I had wanted to. The desire between the 3 of us was intense; the niece and I physically, are opposites but I did not feel shy. I felt sexy, empowered, beautiful and naughty. It was delightful!

There was no awkwardness afterwards, although I must say that I am a little shy around my landlady! Flashes of her niece and I rolling around the bed whilst her boyfriend fucked us both keep popping into my mind and I can still feel her soft hand groping my breasts hard as she whispers
 “you are so sexy and so beautiful I want you”  as her boyfriend hungrily plunges himself inside of me.

So, do I feel bad that I fell off the wagon so soon?! Well, I have to admit that a week of no sex and being this innocent girl was already beginning to get to me and I needed it. Perhaps I should just  accept that this is who I am. I am a passionate, debauched, wild red head. I have a high sex drive and I shouldn’t try to suppress it. Maybe on day, after a certain amount of sex has sated my appetite I shall wake up one day and be ready to settle down with one man.
I don’t honestly see that  happening anytime soon dear reader  and for now, all I am certain of is that, evidently, Verity is  still, very much, alive, kicking and hungry x

Friday, 21 March 2014

This email made me smile

Dear Verity,

We met about a year ago I think... we were in my bathtub discussing swingers clubs.. are you the same Verity?

Well, I'm not aware of another redheaded escort called Verity in London and it certainly sounds like the sort of thing I would do!

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Happiness is...

I am sat on my balcony with my laptop catching up on some admin, it is sunny, already warm and I swear, I kid you not.. my neighbour is playing a Spanish guitar! So idyllic. I am very content right now :)