Saturday, 31 January 2015

so I'm sat in a sushi restaurant

Eating alone as I often do, when I suddenly recall a rather raunchy dream I had about Nick Clegg the other night.  I don't have time to write now as I have a client coming soon. However, I shall tell you all about my dream a little later..

Kisses x

My favourite things. ..

Handbags (this beauty is Jimmy Choo- but alas not mine!!!)

A New Experince

I was staying  at Mistress Eve's a couple of weeks ago and she asked me if I would like to partake in a double mistresses domination session with her. I was very excited and a little nervous as I've not done anything like this before.  I've been curious but never really explored it.  Funnily enough, years ago,  my friends always  said they  see me a dominatrix!  I am rather partial to a bit of latex and a whip!

 I dressed in one of Eve's red latex dresses and eagerly awaited the arrival of our slave.  

He was fairly young and very attractive. First of all, I sat in a chair whilst Eve paraded the naked slave around the room by a collar and lead; as I looked at him up and down with a small smirk on my face, taking every inch of his naked body in. Despite his red face and obvious embarrassment, his cock was getting bigger and harder. I told him he was very attractive and that I liked the look of his big cock. It was a very nice cock indeed. Even thinking back to it now I am getting turned on. I would love to have that in my mouth and inside of me!

 Anyway- back to the session!

We  tied him to the bed, put a rubber mask over his face and proceeded to drip candle wax on his body. We used feathers to tickle him and smothered  him with our breasts and our bottoms.  After a sufficient amount of time we took things up a notch. We made him kneel on the floor and tied a rope tightly around his balls and his feet and hands.

We then used various  devices to spank him, taking in turns. This was my favourite part. Eve counted as I spanked.  We ended the session by me sitting on his face, pissing into his mouth (!) whilst Eve verbally abused him. I was giving him a hand job at the same time and with one almighty groan he exploded on my now naked, big tits.

I thoroughly enjoyed our session and would love to do more domination bookings with Mistress Eve. I don't have the confidence yet to offer them alone, but a double Mistress session is always available ;-)

The only downside was obviously I didn't have sex. However, an occasional bit of restraint and bottled up sexual tension can be most beneficial for the next, lucky chap!

Monday, 19 January 2015


I'm doing some online clothes shopping. What does one wear in Singapore at this time of year?! Eeek

Sunday, 18 January 2015

I am delighted

To be offering mistress and domination services with my friend Mistress Eve of Earls Court. Check out her website for more details :-)

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Please help...

I'm off to Singapore next week (for the first time) and would like some advice on where to go. I love to eat out so nice restaurant suggestions would be good, along with any other must sees. I shan't be there long, I'm spending two days with a dear client but I have a couple of days to myself. Flying business- can't wait! What a great way to start the new year ;-) If anyone fancies meeting up there drop me an email. I don't like to be alone ! xx