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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

I fancy a change...

So today I am going to the hairdressers and I'm going have a change of hair colour! I'm not entirely sure what colour yet but it won't be too drastic...

Friday, 26 September 2014

Summer becomes autumn...

And I have had the most magical summer. Living abroad has been so good for me and I'm rather sad to be sat back in London as I write this.  I've managed to improve my foreign language skills (although not as much as I'd hoped!),  began to dress a little more European and made, in particular, one very good friend. She's lovely! We've  decided to go travelling together next year and so I made the sensible decision to spend more time in the UK and to get the dogs settled here again before I go. After all, I worked only 3 days in August and a few days in July. I've virtually had the whole summer to myself! It's been heaven; but now I looking forward to working again and starting to save for my next adventure :) I'm planning on doing some voluntary work with children. It will be a far cry from London life!

My friend and I are looking for an apartment to rent for work and I'm considering Liverpool St as a location as I quite like it around there. At the moment I'm working form a friend's house in Shoreditch. I'm going to New York in October and planning a trip to Edinburgh. My website is back as I'm back in London and it's also my favourite time of year.. so there is much to celebrate at the moment!

Happy days :D

Friday, 25 July 2014

When in Rome (France)

So I've spent the last two weeks travelling around northern Spain and up through France with 2 of my best friends (a couple). They know all about Verity and it was nice to be able to share some stories; some of the hottest, the funniest and the downright weird times over a jug of sangria and tapas.

Now we are in France, in a Chinese restaurant, eating frogs legs with satay sauce.
I'm so cultured ; )

We stayed with a friend of theirs last weekend  and I can now see why french men have a reputation for being excellent cooks and lovers!

I'm having the best summer but I'm also looking forward to returning to London for a bit of naughtiness on the 30th July (not that I've exactly been deprived!) I've not decided if I shall stay one week or two yet it depends if I have to get back home or not.

The bad news is I shan't be coming to London at all in September, but I shall visit in October for a couple of days before my trip to New York (7th -11th)

If I get time this weekend I will share with you my favourite fantasy that my friends enjoyed hearing very, very much ;)

But for now I need to return to my frogs legs, my vin rouge and our naughty conversations. Ooo la la!  Je t'aime France!

See you soon


Friday, 18 July 2014

I'm so British!

I have decided that what I miss most about England is Heinz baked beans and instant gravy granules.  Yes, I will be bringing some back with me! I'm so classy

Hot Stuff

So the heat is a bit much for me here;  but despite that I am very happy.  It is just what I yearned for. Peaceful,  new, calm yet exciting.  There's only one thing I wasn't prepared for. ..just how much I would miss work!  I am really looking forward to.coming back on the 30th.  I have to make up for lost time!!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Today's Morning Fantasy

...I am lying on my back as you kneel beside me; your large hands, both powerful and gentle, caress every inch of my body. My small pink nipples are hard, my breath is heavy. With your thumb on my clitoris you put a finger inside of me and press against my throbbing g-spot. You continue to finger me until I am on the brink and I plead with you to enter me.

Suddenly you plunge your big hard cock inside of me and fuck me both gently and then hard, teasing me until I can't take anymore. Pulling you close to me I lift up my hips and together we explode...

Friday, 11 July 2014

Is it wrong..

That whilst I get ready for Mr Summer Fling to arrive for the weekend I am getting turned on by answering emails from clients?!